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Las Cafeteras filled the Fonda with love and magic for a night


Iris de Anda
Fotos: Maria Madrigal Sep 12, 2017

Sometimes after controversy, the music stands alone. Las Cafeteras hails from a little corner in northeast Los Angeles, stemming from roots of Son Jarocho, mixed with the energy of hip hop & punk, pure DIY.

This Saturday night at The Fonda Theatre there was an explosion of everything at once, from the moment they hit the stage, you could feel the pure raw frequency that makes Las Cafeteras real. These kids with roots in the hood spitting their truth in a way that reaches most, and annoys some. We cannot discount the truth of their story, art is not supposed to fit all.

In this case, we tune into the vibration that carries and makes everyone present, dance. It has been said by many that a revolution without music is not relevant. So, I stand there and see my sisters and brothers take stage in a powerful way, amplified by their song. This rhythm that moves everyone at once.

There is no room for discontent when a place full of beautiful brown beings, sing along. The vocals of Denise and Leah carry us through the present page, where love can conquer hate, and borders fall away.

The words of Hector and Daniel make us reflect on the truth and its effects. José brings the heartbeat, which along with all the others connects us into this moment.

We are daughters and sons of destiny, imperfect in our ways, but pure in our becoming. Las Cafeteras filled The Fonda with love for a night, and this magic is always necessary.

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